Cross-Channel Communication Coordination

Within the past five years, the amount of marketing channels has increased exponentially, especially in the digital space.  As noted by Natalia Angulo of Marketing Dive, “digital has become a top priority for marketers while traditional channels lag.”

Having more digital channels available is great news for marketers – but that means more time that needs to be dedicated to learn, measure and evaluate each channel (even if you’re using automated/centralized tools to do so).

#1 – Consistent Brand Message

Industry experts suggest implementing three key principles to mitigate the time that needs to be dedicated to each marketing channel.

Multiple channels does not mean multiple messages. We still want to effectively communicate one key brand message to our target audience.

Additionally, the key message that we communicate must be transmitted in a manner that talks with the audience, not at them. The goal is always to build a meaningful relationship through our communications.

The messaging that we convey through multiple channels must also be mirrored on our website (or landing page) to achieve consistency throughout.

#2 – Study Consumer Insights

Which channels does our audience use most? How long do they spend on each channel? What time of day are they using a specific channel? – It would be extremely beneficial to know the answers to all these questions. Not only to quench curiosity, but also to maximize ad dollars and improve ROI (so we can get more ad dollars).

The good news is that most platforms offer free insights into your brand’s followers and those who are interacting with paid media. This data can be invaluable into better understanding your brand’s online audience.

#3 – Push/Pull Balance

Finding the right push/pull balance when selecting marketing channels to use helps you interact with your audience in different ways.

We have “push” messages such as email, text messages, push notifications that speak directly to the customer. “Pull” messages appear within apps or on websites. According to Braze Magazine, mixing these two message strategies can boost engagement by more than 180%. Alexa Lemzy of suggests that this strategy allows you to “take command of the channels open to you via other platforms, then reel customers in further on the ones that you own.”

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