Digital Marketing Campaign Inspiration

Creating a campaign idea from scratch can be mind-numbing at times. Finding a tagline that is memorable enough while communicating the desired message is tough. Thankfully, there are many spectacular campaigns circulating marketing channels every day. Whenever I am at a loss for ideas, I turn to other recent award-winning campaigns, or campaigns that resonate with me the most for inspiration.

To get your creative process started I’ve compiled a list of some the top digital marketing campaigns from 2018.

LinkedIn – #InItTogether

LinkedIn’s #InItTogether campaign showcases the value of work and why people work. They do a fantastic job of bringing together professionals from different backgrounds and industries to share their “why.” LinkedIn’s marketing team rolled this camping out over 12 weeks. Their YouTube commercial was accompanied by social media ads, a heavy amount of video content, podcasts, SEO efforts as well as a microsite centered around employees allowing them to interact and share their own “why.”

Nike – Dream Crazy

Nike took advantage of one of the biggest sports phenomena of 2018 – Colin Kaepernick. Colin Kaepernick narrates Nike’s “Dream Crazy” video where inspirational stores are shared from athletes who have defied the odds and created their own narratives on their path to success. Nike has not introduced any new tactics through this campaign, instead, they have capitalized on what they know works for their brand. Through the involvement of Colin Kaepernick, Nike aligns themselves with a great cause and all the positive PR that comes with it. It should be noted that Nike shares were raised by ~5% after the airing of Colin Kaepernick’s advertisement aired. 

ASOS – #AsSeenOnMe

We talked about the importance of user-generated content (UGC) going into 2019. Well, ASOS, an online clothing retailer, has done a stellar job of using this digital marketing tactic to its fullest benefit. ASOS developed a hashtag #AsSeenOnMe that allowed users to tag photos of themselves in their ASOS outfits. This allowed them to be featured on the main ASOS Instagram page if they were selected. This campaign stimulated a win-win relationship for both the brand and the customers. The customers get great social media exposure and a sense of community while ASOS gets a supply of high-quality UGC that instills FOMO within the audience. Check out some of the top posts from the #AsSeenOnMe campaign (which has over 1.05MM posts to date).

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