What is Re-Targeting? How Can It Help Your Business?

Re-targeting is a digital advertising tactic that allows you to target your marketing efforts directly to a subset of your target audience. Specifically, a subset that has interacted with your brand or been in proximity to your brand (in-person or online).

Interesting fact – only about 2 percent of visitors to a website convert on their first visit. That means that 98 percent of people have visited a webpage without taking any action. Re-targeting allows us to have another conversation with the 98 percent and bring some of them back to convert on a second visit.

I won’t dive too heavily into the details surrounding re-targeting – instead watch this video from Neil Patel, who gives an excellent explanation on the basics of re-targeting.

Re-targeting is one of my preferred digital marketing tactics because it consistently provides a higher ROI than other digital marketing tactics. Re-targeting allows you to concentrate your marketing budget on people who are already aware of your brand. We don’t need to build awareness, we just need to stimulate brand recall and a reason to come back (visit our site/store again). Since re-targeting can’t drive traffic to your website it is best used in combination with other digital marketing tactics. Content marketing, an AdWords campaign, display ads or native ads are all great candidates to pair with re-targeting. One of the previously mentioned tactics drives traffic, while re-targeting focuses on converting the traffic.

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