Building More With Less.

Client: BubbleDeck North America

Focus: (In Progress) Website / SEO, Rebranding, Content Creation, Print Media, Media Kits / Graphic Work, Marketing Consulting

BubbleDeck is the leader in voided concrete construction. They were the first to patent the idea of adding hollow plastic balls to take the place of non-structural concrete, reducing the weight and cost of concrete based construction. Popular in Europe already, the division of BubbleDeck North America have had their preliminary projects completed in recent years but have a very small marketing footprint.

BubbleDeck came to VanPublic in 2020 with a plan to launch their digital presence and to begin creating content. We began with a full revamp of their brand image. A new logo was designed and their website was completely revamped from the ground-up. We then went about reinventing their presence through an assortment of mediums (Media Kits, Video, Photography, Graphic Assets) and we continue to work closely with them in all marketing aspects of their company.

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