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Media Creation

A video captures attention.

From scripting to editing, we offer a complete videography experience. Adding professional videos to your business will set you apart from the rest. We specialize in bringing a cinematic style to your films with smooth transitions and sound design.
Traditionally videos were only used for commercials or website homepages but today they can be implemented anywhere. Whether it is to onboard new employees, capture new safety requirements or explain logistic changes to clients; videos can be the best way to communicate.
Having a steady flow of photography can easily boost brand image. Professional photography can be used on websites, social media, brochures and to update things like Google MyBusiness and media kits.

Visual media can influence people, establish familiarity and paint a clear picture of your working environment, product, or service.
Aerial photography and videography can send your media to new heights. Our team is fully licensed by Transport Canada and adheres to the strict Federal and Provincial guidelines regarding drone operation. 

Our experienced pilots have the capability for both indoor and outdoor flight, allowing customers to see your business from a different angle.
Project planning often acts as a barrier for companies to produce content. Perhaps, nobody is comfortable in front of the camera or it seems impossible to organise staff and locations. 

Our experience in the talent and studio industry will allow us to find a solution that works. Instead of finding resources from scratch, you can choose from our long list of pre-screened talent, voice actors and locations.

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Graphic Design

The complexity of great design is simplicity. 

Logos / Animation1/4
Logos now have more uses than ever before. Not only do they have to follow the traditional rules of logo design, but they also need to be optimized for websites, social media, signs, vehicle wraps, products, letterheads, software, apparel, and much more.

Ensuring your logo is up to modern standards is vital for your brand image and long-term usability across all platforms.
Media Kits2/4
Media Kits are essentially the modern-day brochure, optimised for the digital world. They are a visual way to explain business practices or details of a product or service.

They are an essential part of online communication. Companies that operate without updated media kits can fall behind and easily miss opportunities to showcase their brand or concepts to potential clients.
VanPublic is still a firm believer of print advertising. High-quality business cards or information decks can leave a lasting impression. We embrace the benefits that tangible assets can provide to a company and believe they can always have a time and place.

When it comes to custom apparel, boxes, packing tape, business cards, and more, we will handle everything from design to delivery.
Those who have produced signage in the past know that there are plenty of variables that go into making a beautiful sign. Whether it is materials, paint colours, lighting variations, and durability, sign design can be a tedious process.

Our friends at ‘The Sign Place’ on Kingsway can help turn your vision into reality. VanPublic works as the middleman, drafting sign designs, graphic mock-ups, and colour combinations to ensure your investment looks spectacular.

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What you see is important, but it’s what you don’t that matters. 

Our mentality around web design is simple; create a stunning canvas that works.

Commercial industries tend to continuously load websites with content, in hopes that something will attract the viewer's attention. New content is stacked on top of the old and messaging begin to clash.

Our websites are clean, easy to navigate and 100% customized. Messaging is tweaked and copy rewritten so that the direction of your company is meaningful for your staff, clients, and partners.
We custom code all our sites. Not only does this look better, but load times are faster and it provides better control over the final project.

Even with video integration, our site speed is industry-leading across all platforms. Additionally, all websites incorporate CDN to enhance international speed and security.
Website maintenance ensures that there are never any hiccups with your website. Our websites are hosted on AWS servers rather than typical consumer hosting platforms, which increases both speed and security.

Website changes can be worry-free. Maintenance ensures that services, taglines, client projects, and messaging never gets outdated. As we work alongside your company, we will simultaneously update your website.

Over time, websites can become fragile and slow as software constantly updates. Having a maintenance program in place ensures these issues are out of mind.
Developing a website without SEO would be absurd, which is why we do not view it as an ‘additional service’. At VanPublic, best in class SEO is standard on all websites. As we develop relationships with our clients we build their digital footprint which in turn improves their search engine rankings.

SEO can’t be done overnight. We develop foolproof plans to ensure you reach your ranking potential.

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Management and Partnerships

Long-term relationships focused on long-term growth.

Partnerships and Management1/4
Having a designated in-house marketing team doesn’t make sense for all businesses.

VanPublic fills this role. Our ongoing clients rely on us for digital advice, business consulting and even PR recommendations. We are the second set of eyes that your business needs, equipped with all of the resources that you could ever want.
Sales and Prospecting2/4
Our relationships with some clients are so close that we have integrated into other realms of their business. Finding new ways to locate potential segments or close prospects is something we do, time and time again.

We often attend calls or meetings on behalf of our clients so that all facets of the business are consistent.
Analytics Assistance3/4
Sometimes finding out where to put your marketing budget can be the biggest challenge. With so many resources available (Social Media, Paid Ads, Software, and Databases) it can be hard to figure out which has the highest ROI.

Our work within multiple industries allows us to approach your problems from new angles. We also carefully analyze your digital progress, which helps us find the next point of action.
Digital Management4/4
As day-to-day work continues to pile up, the last thing a company wants to worry about is making posts on their digital platforms.

We take this responsibility completely into our hands. We handle the content, captions, and everything else in between to create social media pages that properly reflect the brand image of the company.

Reach out and see what we can do for your company.

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